Wedgewood Rooms

Wedgewood Rooms - the edge of the wedge - talent showcase!

We decided we’d have a three-hour practice session beforehand to nail our 30min original slot, needless to say, we couldn’t help but swap a few out for a complete new write which we made there and then and learned off by

heart, another new addition!! Want to hear them?

Come see us live hehe

Dan beat Luke there!! The first time Luke hasn’t

been 8 hours early just one!

What can I say about the gig? Sound engineering was amazing, the other acts were amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! When we got to the end we

didn’t want to stop!! Great engagement from

people we really appreciate it!

Thank you to the promotion company that approached us with an offer of lots of local gigs and thank you to our photographer, Robbyn Beale and to mix it all up for

their photography! We couldn’t share what

we do without you!

Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale

Solve The Nodus in Action!

Daniel Reid -Lead Vocal/Guitar, Ben Upton - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Jordan Francis - Bass Guitar, Luke Holmes - Drums

"Crowd Video"

"Crowd Video"

"Crowd Video"