The Navfest

Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale

 Where to start! 


When Ricky Matthews dropped a message into my inbox asking if we could play at the Navfest, there was no hesitation, it was a respond yes now moment!


Ricky is the fantastic creator of “Ricksters Gig Guide” which is a great page and group for musicians and venues alike! It lists every venue in the local areas of the South of England and some further up North! A great go-to when looking to plan tours or find gigs!


I remember being a solo artist and really wanting to be booked but to no avail and wanting to give up. I sent Ricky a message asking what I was doing wrong and he replied nothing, I would book you. And just like that my passion was rekindled. Someone who has seen a lot of acts has faith in me, I must have faith in me. So I set out to find myself a band and the rest is history... for my band to play at one of his events, was an honor and it felt like playing at home!


I got there at the very start of the event so I could show support and watch other fantastic local acts and I’m so glad I did! So much talent was performing that day! We played our hearts out to a pretty empty room as our music is very loud and rocky! But that made no difference to us! We did what we always do and I’m so proud to say that we played and received an exciting encore from a complete stranger who came up after and said;

“I’m so pleased I stayed to watch you, I must admit I almost left as it was getting a bit samey and there’s only so many cover artists you can listen to but you boys really have something fresh

even to your covers! As soon as you started bringing equipment in and I saw your

body language I knew I was in for a treat”


This means more to us than 1000000 people saying well done on your set! Knowing you made someone’s day and that they will remember that performance always!


All in all cracking day and a lot of money raised for charity

Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale