The Hobbit

Rainy weather and lots of traffic started this journey. Upon getting to the venue I couldn’t help think, ooh this place looks tiny, stuck in the corner sweating out to 5 people gig again! “Let’s have it then” I walked into the venue and again was sizing it up plotting our performance.


I saw Lukes car outside so knew he was in here somewhere (Lukes always about an hour early- the kid has serious pre-gig hypos ) so I searched a little and came to a staircase and walked down, straight in front of me was a colosseum looking garden with dozens of little groups of friends! To my left was the performance area, a room with a stage with the Cold Silver boys setting up! And Luke watching them!! “All right boys” I cheekily winked and shook everyone’s hands, we all had a chat and helped the drummer pack away his cases.


Time ticked over, the other two hadn’t arrived yet, so we messaged them and they had gotten lost “we’re 26 mins away!” Ben replies “Whhhaaaaaaaat we’re on in like 40 mins and need to soundcheck” it was safe to say all of us boys were a little stressed hehe!


We watched the other two bands “cold silver” who was headlining the event (I’ve heard cold silver a couple of times and they get better each time) and “web” who were on after us (fantastic musicians just not my musical taste) and the boys arrived!


With a quick load-in and toilet stop, we were ready for soundcheck! Soundcheck is done, up on stage us boys decide “do we shout everyone to come in as we’re starting or let the music bring them in?” We opted for let’s play our heart out and fill that room!

We finished the first song and I look up, the room is full, people pushing at the door for a view, people looking in from the windows! Rock on guys, a fantastic feeling!


We did a couple more covers which received a good crowd engagement! Then it was on to originals! Always a scary time when three of the 5 originals we were going to perform were written three days before but we rose up, played our hardest and played the songs well.

“Demons” which is rock/metal/rapping was the most receipted out of the three newest with

“If I Could” is the most liked (no brainier ) after it was all done we got to enjoy the other bands which were a pleasure!


We came out with some really “different” music and technically was amazing it’s just not my go-to it’s more like acid metal cold silver smashing out their 2017 Ep and some covers and a new one which was awesome with Jay showing us it’s possible to riff so fast that you can’t see the fingers all in all! Epic night