The Beehive Bow

for underground sound


Our first ever London gig!!

“Buzzing” was an understatement!

The day started off dull and rainy with an hour's walk for Dan to grab the minibus!

From there he went and grabbed the band and our fantastic supporters who decided not only to

come to the show but that they were going to travel up in the minibus with us!


The journey was full of singing, laughs and banter!


When we arrived at the venue we noticed how small the performance room actually was

but it didn’t deter us, we all looked at each other and went “sweaty, intimate gig, love it” we were the

first band to arrive even though we were third on so we got our soundcheck done so the sound engineer

had a little extra time before the sweaty show to hydrate. There was a nice texture of bands and was a pleasure to hear them! 


We started off and saw half the place headbanging and engaging but that wasn’t good enough for us!

So during the breakdown of "If I Could",


Dan told everyone, “Right people, from here on out the rest of our set is going to be heavier and sweatier and chaos! Get your mojo going and join us in letting some passion out” 


It was a bloody pleasure to see the confidence levels in the room peak and when Dan screamed.

EVERYONE was moving we then carried on as normal with everyone engaging!

Until we got to Circles, in which Luke decided to stop halfway through, get up and go  “now I want to see some dirty breakdown faces”  Before his cowbell counting people in!

Thank you to everyone that engaged with us when Dan told you to hug our

bassist as it was national hug a bassist day.


Big up the headline “Lost On Broadway” for their set and banter it was a pleasure to meet you

and we’re stoked to arrange another gig with you guys.

London, you were amazing! 


Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale