Phoenix Fest

The Pheonix community centre - Dan lent his PA and sound engineering knowledge to the festival running between both the band stage and the solo acts performance area! “It is always a pleasure seeing

new acts perform! There were many acts that really impressed me that day”


The other boys all came early to support the other acts and we’re all in agreement that it was defo worth going! When it came to us performing we were very lucky and delighted to see many of the other

acts and their families watching us and singing/dancing along.


We were very blown away by the response especially when one of the other bands' mum came up to us to congratulate us on our set and admitted she was fangirling! “You’re a dark horse Dan being so quiet and polite all day and then coming out with that voice! I am blown away the majority of those songs

are original, you’re definitely going places you sound great” Thank you again for having us!

It was an amazing event ❤️

Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale