Celebrating the Life of Natalie Hazell

Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale

Back Row: Ben Upton, Daniel Reid, Luke Holmes & Jordan Francis.

Front Row: Mandie Stevens, Natalie Hazell & Paul Hazell

Manchester - A Life Changer


Waking up on the morning of the 21st July 2019, excited about going to Manchester, we had the sense that this was going to be the most epic gig that Solve The Nodus has ever had the pleasure of performing. 


As the excitement escalated we had such fun rehearsing for this gig and even got to write some new material to be performed for the first time at Manchester. But this was not going to be your typical gig. We went to Manchester with the intention of giving a performance of a lifetime in honor and support of a most beautiful soul, Natalie Hazell and hoped that our music too would impact everyone in the audience as it always does.


We believe our intentions were achieved, however, none of us realized the impact that this epic gig would have on us as individuals or as a band. We arrived in Manchester as Solve The Nodus as we knew it and returned to Fareham never to be the same again. It was a life-changer. 

Meeting Natalie and her lovely family was a moment that will forever be etched in our minds.  They are some of the kindest folk we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


During the performance, the atmosphere was amazing and the audience was awesome. I think what impacted us more than anything else, was that the performance was not about "us". The “cause” was far greater than what we could even think to offer, and for that realization, we have Natalie and her family to thank.  


Once we had finished both of our sets we gave them some merch that we brought with us. Luke further describes his experience:


"I signed a pair of sticks I used that day and gave it to Natalie. Something I will never forget is the look on her face when I gave her the sticks. It was honestly the most fantastic feeling I've ever felt as a gigging musician. That made the whole trip worth it for me". 

The trip home was long. To the point that the sun had decided to appear when we arrived home, which is really symbolic of the impact this gig has made on our lives - the darkness that we sometimes experience in our lives is no match for the amazing light of hope that shines in our hearts for one another. 

Once again, Luke says "All in all. This was one of the most wonderful gigs I have ever had the pleasure of performing". 


A Word From Natalie Hazell


Soo... after 7 weeks of living in a Hospice and every day in excruciating, unbearable pain, and not being able to get out much to spend time with my family and friends with it being just physically too painful to do so, last night was just what I needed, and more.


My absolutely beautiful and incredible cousin who lives all the way down South helped to organize a get together for some of my family and friends, with a fantastic band as well, AND she shaved her head to raise money to help me.


What a selfless thing to do. I am so so proud of her.


We don't see each other often with them living down South and us up North, which made last night even more special, especially when I have family who lives not 20mins away from me and can't be bothered to make the effort to come to see me through this difficult time.


It really does speak volumes.


The band Solve The Nodus who also drove up all the way from Portsmouth just to put a show on in honor of me, and did not take a single penny from it, wow, such a selfless set of lads and what an absolute pleasure to meet and chat to them.


So thank you to my fantastic family, friends and the band, who made last night such a wonderful experience. In spite of being in horrendous pain, I pushed through, to spend the time with the beautiful people that were there to make it so special.


A huge huge thank you to my Mum and Dad Paul Hazell & Mary Hazell, my Brother Paul Hazell, my Auntie Carol Gilder and my Cousin Mandie Stevens and her friend Theresa. Also my two (well three) best friends Joanne Louise HewsonNadia Scholes and Ste Wroe.


To the band that put on the show Daniel James Colin Reid, Solve The Nodus, and last but not least, to everyone that was kind enough to donate to the GoFundMe for the head shave. I cannot put into words how much it means to me.


You all know it's been a difficult year and things are not going well, so I truly appreciate the time I spend with you all.


I love you are more than anything ❤. Sorry for rambling on again 🙈. 🍷🥰.xxxxx

A Word From Mandie Stevens


Daniel, what can I say, wonderful person, fab singer/songwriter, and guitarist, kind-hearted and an inspirational dude. You and your band gave me, Natalie and our family an amazing night of kindness and caring. Awesome music/vocals. See you all in Portsmouth before the year is out to. What you and Solve The Nodus did was such an act of purity and kindness I love you all xxx


A Word From Daniel Reid



Thank you so so much to Fareham Self Drive for their generous donation AND for hiring us the minibus for absolutely free to help us for this great cause!

Huge Thank you to White Lion for hosting us and donating £150! And thank you for supplying us with refreshing drinks throughout the night was well needed!

A big and very personal thank you to Mandie Stevens not only for reaching out which made all this possible but for inspiring us by showing us just how amazing human beings can be and that you should have each other’s back always it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. If you can help, HELP. You never know, you might enjoy it!!

And another thank you to Natalie Hazell for being so brutally honest to how the “C” can impact you, but in the same breath show us such strength and sheer determination to overcome something! You are very inspiring!

And a big thank you to the other lads for showing me how committed you are to what you love doing most, proving music is a passion and in sharing that with someone else and making that someone smile in any situation, having people sing along and tap their foot, nod their head and come and have a friendly chat during set breaks in which you find common ground! Is the best feeling in the world!

You’ve made a memory, a connection with them that’s imprinted inside! That is something more valuable than anything!

Thank you to everyone that donated, that liked a picture, watched a live, interacted with the posts in any way! You all made this happen and shared it with us!

Glad we could make a memory that will both stay in our own but everyone's mind.



Photography/Nodus Press: Robbyn Louise Beale