Daniel James Colin Reid

Full names and any nicknames:


Daniel James Colin Reid “Nodus”.

Band Role:


Lead Singer, Rhythm guitar.

Do you do anything else for the band besides playing in the band:


My other roles in the band make me feel like a baby sitter and poke trainer all in one (manager, promoter, booking agent, Don).


Favorite quote:


Our destiny is to perform, it seems our fate entwines.


Your top 3 favorite bands or musicians?


Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Papa Roach, The Creed.


What are your favorite styles of music?


Ooooo, can I say music in general? I love all music.

What other instruments do you play?


A little piano (I mean I play a little not have a little piano), a Ukulele and if I’m brave enough I can knock the spoons a little after being so fascinated by my grandad playing them.

What are your credentials/education/experience, for doing what you do in the band?


Life, motivation, determination


Give a short account of something funny or embarrassing that has happened to you in your life.


Oh wow... Where do I start?. I once poured what I thought was curry sauce all over my food at basketball camp and bragged to everyone I used the last of it only to find out it was mustard 😅 if you’re over 18 and male then I once had to miss LMG training in the army because I broke my “banjo string” in the shower the night before 😅😂


Why are you so passionate about what you do for the band?


I have several reasons, the highest being that Nodus is everything I wish I had done in my life, and the other main reason is I have a team that believes in me.


Is there anything else that you are passionate about in life?


I am passionate about life period. You really have to hit that wall of nothingness to realize just how much beauty is around you.


What other musical activities are you involved in besides the band?


I still do solo gigs and solo charity gigs. I have a couple of collabs lined up and I meet other artists in my spare time who’d like guidance.


Who is your hero or main influence?


My Team.


What do you like about being a part of Solve The Nodus?


I can be me, I can help people.


What’s your background and what experience helped or encouraged you to become a musician?


Growing up my stepfather didn’t like mess so I would entertain my sister by playing the guitar to her and singing with her rather than toys. It was always a secret passion but when I went through a trauma and lost myself music helped me find myself again.


What are the values that drive you?


In life, all you can be is all you can give.

What do you enjoy doing (hobbies/sport) when you are not gigging or rehearsing?


Football with the lads, Socialising, making music hehe.


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years’ time as an individual?


In a Studio daily and gigging daily. Both for us and for charity. Headlining and supporting massive events, creating a record label/artist development/rock school.


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years’ time as part of the band?


Empire 😂 or still in sweaty pubs I’m happy just playing  

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