Jordan Francis

Full names and any nicknames:


Jordan Francis (Jose).

Band Role:



Do you do anything else for the band besides playing in the band:


Running the website, aiding in the studio and doing basically whatever I'm needed for.


Favorite quote:


“To keep us from falling apart we’ll write songs in the dark and to stop us from fading away, we’ll write for a better day” from Radiate - Enter Shikari.


Your top 3 favorite bands or musicians?


At the moment - Iron Maiden, Enter Shikari, Fatherson

What are your favorite styles of music?



What other instruments do you play?


I tried teaching myself guitar (but that didn’t go too well), I’d like to think I can sing, but eeeeeeehhhhhhh maybe one day.

What are your credentials/education/experience, for doing what you do in the band?


I’ve done the last three years of music tech and got involved in work experience with the guildhall.


Give a short account of something funny or embarrassing that has happened to you in your life.


It's hard to think of one thing because for a while I was extremely introverted. Maybe I'd have to say performing at victorious a few years back, but I don’t particularly want to go into depth over it… it didn’t go all too well.


Why are you so passionate about what you do for the band?


I have found that during major struggles in life, music introduces another way of overcoming problems, and I have used it as a way to help/cope. If I can help one person through a tough time, it’s worth it.


Is there anything else that you are passionate about in life?


Travel - I am so excited for tours just to find new places and enjoy new things.


What other musical activities are you involved in besides the band?


At the moment I am completing an HND in Music Production ( and maybe starting on some solo work but we’ll see how far this goes….).


Who is your hero or main influence?


That’s a very tough one. I'd have to say, Chris Batten - of Enter Shikari. To be able to have such a mixture of talent whilst still creating amazing bass lines that suit the songs to a T is something incredible.


What do you like about being a part of Solve The Nodus?


It gives me a chance to both have a laugh with my friends, do what I love and show people how far I have come since the quiet boy of the class all those years ago.


What’s your background and what experience helped or encouraged you to become a musician?


I grew up in a metal household and this has formed my taste in music now. I mainly started music because Luke needed a bassist for a band at the same time my dad bought a bass, I'm not sure he saw much of it until I got my own.


What are the values that drive you?


I love the idea of helping people through music (Id would definitely say that’s my main drive to create) and I feel that loyalty to those fans is a key aspect of being in a band, because once you lose them, its very easy to become another one of “those bands”.

What do you enjoy doing (hobbies/sport) when you are not gigging or rehearsing?


To be honest, it feels like I don't get much time between work and band at the moment, but when I do have some free time I like to chill and game for a bit if I'm not being taught to cook.


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years’ time as an individual?


Doing music full time and seeing the world hopefully.


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years’ time as part of the band?


Ideally with regular gigs and earning a decent living creating music that also inspires others.